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Francois P. Naude

Francois P. Naude
In 1998 I moved to London to go seek my fame and furtune and I started my first job as a door to door sales representative selling gas and electricy to homes and businessess. Where most people balked at the idea of going door to door, I must confess that I thouroghly enjoyed it and realised that in essence I loved meeting with interesting people and providing services or products to those people that could better their lives. During my days beating the streets I was asked to join a small on-line property company and to work in the sales and marketing department and so started my journey into the world of business. Seven years, and many lessons later, I ventured to the United States for a year before deciding it was time to return home to my beautiful South Africa. In 2008 I found Green Office and joined the team just when Green Office was starting to develop into client centric service business. I loved that Green Office wanted to add value to their clients by providing them with relevant services and products and really found my niche in helping develop such products and services for clients and in particular in the Managed Print Service space. I am currently the Business Unit Manager of the Green Office Managed Print Service offering and I am responsible for making sure that my team and I can identify challenges that our clients want to overcome, set goals to overcome the challenges and put in place plans and timelines to meet those goals.
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How Does Your Managed Print Service Stack Up?

Posted by Francois P. Naude on Aug 23, 2017 11:39:38 AM

Being in a company that specialises in Managed Print Services (MPS) means that I spend a lot of time speaking to Customer and potential Customer IT Managers, Financial Managers and Facilities Managers about their office automation environments.  Not the most exciting topic, I agree, but one of those that needs to be discussed for a business to run smoothly (have you ever seen what happens to an employee when their printer does not work?  It’s usually not a pretty sight and has been the punchline of many entertaining television commercials).

No single conversation is ever the same but there is one recurring theme that comes up time and again, that is when the question arises, “…so Mr/Mrs Customer, do you want to have a Managed Print Service or an Office Automation Solution?”  The response I get without fail is, “but we already have a Managed Print Service”.  The unfortunate reality is that although most vendors sell their solutions as MPS solutions, they are in-fact not MPS solutions, but the customer is none the wiser.  

So, I thought it would be helpful to Customers to have some guideline metrics to check just how much of an MPS service they do have in place. We have therefor put together a set of questions (MPS Scorecard) that should help achieve this, I hope you find it useful.

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10 Important Steps to Conducting a Successful Print Assessment

Posted by Francois P. Naude on Mar 14, 2017 11:08:28 AM

When conducting a Print Assessment, companies often do not start with a physical check of what they have. Instead they rely on their suppliers to provide them with information on devices for analysis.  The problem with this approach is that suppliers often don’t track their own information as accurately as one might think, which results in organizations making decisions based on flawed data sets.  Statistics show that most companies have at least double the devices they thought they had and that the vast majority of supplier provided data has significant discrepancies.

Companies often only analyse costs and although most companies have been able to put in solutions to reduce costs to some extent, they still fail to review some of the most important factors that cause their costs to be high in the first place, and the Total Cost of Ownership of their print environment.

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7 Practices to Reduce Printing and Costs Related to Printing

Posted by Francois P. Naude on Feb 13, 2017 10:31:15 AM

Our 7 best practices to reduce printing aims to help and guide individuals and businesses on their journey to drive down paper usage, print volumes and all related costs.  Printing environments and solutions differ from company to company. This article does not take into account all possibilities but will act as a guideline which, if followed, will guarantee success.

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Topics: MPS, Reduce Printing, Printing Costs, Managed Print Services, Managed Print Solutions, Managed Print Environments, Managed Print Expectations, Managed Print, Print Environment, Efficient, Green Office, Office Printing, Print Management Software, Device Management Software