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Managed Print Services - Innovation paying off

Posted by Sherdon Smith on Sep 22, 2017 9:16:37 AM

Talking and thinking about print is not exciting to most, and bringing up a conversation about your home or office printer at a dinner party would surely be social suicide. But let’s try to understand this and why we humans don’t get excited by print.A long time ago, when very few people could read and write and books were not readily available, a young 15th century German, Johannes Gutenberg, was cited as the inventor of mass printing. Through his technological contribution, his method of printing quickly spread through the world and the mass printing of books began. Some would say Gutenberg’s printing process helped the world to learn how to read and write, scientists were able to publish their discoveries and people around the world started to connect through news and events.

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Why Do We Still Print? Going Paperless is Not An Overnight Process!

Posted by Sherdon Smith on Sep 11, 2017 10:22:17 AM

I have always had this burning question in the back of mind, “Why do we Print?”  Aren’t we supposed be working in Paperless offices by now?

We all imagine offices of the future to be a place of efficiency, sustainability, a collaborative setting where computers support our daily print routines and processes.  But in reality, being human, your environment or what you are exposed to, quickly determines your print behaviour.

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Workflows, Are you Serious?

Posted by Sherdon Smith on Aug 29, 2017 11:30:00 AM

The term Workflow is often an unknown in any organisation, big or small. Why is it an unknown?  Or should we be asking ourselves, why aren’t organisations challenging this unknown?

What is a workflow and how should it run you may ask?  A Workflow is there to Optimise Business Processes.  Optimisation will inherently increase productivity, while adhering to your organisation’s document control policies and security.  The ultimate goal should be to make your organisation efficient and sustainable by transforming traditional printed documents into digital form, using a workflow and document management software.

Well, it may “already be happening in my business” you may say and yes, it probably is, but in many forms, either manually, physically or digitally.  The key question to ask is how effective, flexible and agile is your workflow on your everyday business tasks?  

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